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our Story






Rose Anvil was born from 3 generations of leather workers, artists, and makers. We take pride in everything we make and consider each piece an extension of who we are. Quality craftsmanship is something that is passed down from generation to generation. The principles, skills, and techniques passed down are what make the heart, mind, and soul of our heritage.


At Rose Anvil we create products that will be a lasting part of your life. We hold to heart our philosophy, “If it doesn't have a story it's not worth buying,” by designing products with a professional aesthetic that are rugged enough to last through life’s adventures.


We strictly abide to our three pillars of craftsmanship: quality, longevity, and design. These principles have been instilled in us from three generations of artists and makers.


Process is the soul of our work. We pour ourselves into every stage of the fabrication, from our choice in materials to the techniques that we utilize. We do this to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.
— Henry Ford

How it all started

In 2013 I was in dire need of a new wallet and belt due to the fact that my belt had broken in half and my plaid velcro wallet was an embarrassment in every sense of the word. So I ventured to the local shopping mall and bought a wallet and belt for a reasonable price. I got home and put the belt on and loaded up my new wallet. To my dismay within a few weeks my belt was splitting in half and my wallet had already popped a stitch. I was understandably upset and went shopping again to find a full leather belt and wallet. I could not find anything that wasn't backed by fabric or that wasn't bonded leather. At that point i decided that i could do better and I would do better.

My Father and both of my grandpas were leather workers so I had spent a good amount of time working with leather growing up so i decided to make my own belt and wallet. I called up my father and we took a trip to our local leather supplier and purchased a nice piece of leather for my project. I spent the next few days working on the belt and wallet and learning from my dad. By the end of the weekend I had a decent belt and a wallet that was obviously handmade. My only problem was i had only used up about 10% of the $150 hide that i had purchased. So to recoup my cost on the leather i decided i would make a few more wallets and sell them to friends and family. From then on I haven't stop making leather products. 

Around the same time i was trying to pawn off my first hide I stumbled into jewelry making. A friend of mine, who happened to be an very attractive woman, saw that i was making stuff and asked if I knew how to make a ring, I didn't know how but I was single and her interest was all the motivation I needed to learn. I found an older gentleman named Monty who was a silver smith in a nearby town, I asked if he would teach he how to make jewelry and he graciously obliged. After making a few rings my friend had me make his wedding ring and suddenly I was making wedding jewelry.