We create one of a kind wedding rings from unique materials that are designed by you. All of our wedding rings are made by hand and vary in price depending on design and materials.

Below is a list of rings to give you an idea of what we can do and to give you a ballpark price. Feel free to contact us for a free quote by using the form at the bottom of the page


Lifestyle Rings

These rings are made from materials that tell a story and are made from unique materials that carry significant meaning. 

Women's Rings

A stylish and affordable alternative to the overpriced traditional wedding rings.

Recycled Silver

We reuse and recycle all of our left over silver and source our silver from reputable sources for recycled silver. 

Wooden Rings

Made from the highest quality wood in almost any species of tree. Our unique layering technique makes our wooden resistant to breaking. We also offer free annual refinishing for life to ensure your ring will not loose its shine. 

Gold Rings

We work with several types of gold including white gold, yellow gold, and pink gold. Gold is a timeless metal, your ring will hold its value for generations.


Titanium is known for its strength and lightness. It is also Bio-compatible, which means almost anyone can wear titanium without worrying about skin discoloration, rash, or allergic reaction.


One of the strongest metals in the world and is nearly scratch proof so that your ring will look brand new for the rest of your life. Tungsten is also very dense and will not bend.

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